An Introduction to Intel® Visual Fortran Development for Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor

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Optimize a Pythagorean Prime Number Finder Using OpenMP* with the Intel® Fortran Compiler

Video tutorial explaining how to parallelize a Pythagorean prime number finder using the Intel® Visual Fortran Compiler with OpenMP*.

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Checking Correctness Using Intel® Inspector for Windows*

At some point in your optimization process you will want to verify that your application is computing correctly, avoiding memory and resource leaks, and avoiding threading deadlocks and race condit

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Using the Intel® Visual Fortran Compiler

Video tutorial illustrating the usage of Intel® Visual Fortran with Microsoft Visual Studio*.

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Optimizing Dijkstra's Algorithm Using the Intel® C++ Compiler

Video tutorial illustrating increased performance of the infamous Dijkstra’s shortest path graph algorithm using the Intel® C++ Compiler.

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