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Recently held JS Gaming Framework Webinar

Recently, Intel held a "JavaScript Gaming Framework Webinar" (see here:

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Intel® HTML5 App Porter Tool (BETA) support

NOTICE: The current BETA program ended on Dec 31st, 2013. The Intel® HTML5 App Porter Tool - BETA is no longer available.

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I am new to HTML 5 and using XDK for development. my app is supposed to take user input in form of game details, store them in a database then display them.

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Requisição POST via javascript com

Fiz uma primeira aplicação (APP para celular) em HTML5 para teste de acesso a uma aplicação web hospedada num provedor, onde tento passar o id e senha de usuário para autenticação.

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Appcereator Titanium

I want to port a Appcelerator Titanium application to Intel XDK New. has anyone successfully done this yet? any help would be appreciated. All attempts have failed as of yet.

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Mobile App devlopment: Can it pass the test of time

Basically technology is changing and the users needs are also changing. There comes a time when we need something new and exciting and not just building on what we have

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generating a camera event

hi there,

I'm writing a cross-platform App with XDK new and am trying to generate an event to turn the camera off, but am having no luck.

The code is something like this:

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AJAX ok in test but not emulate/build

Hi - hope you'll bear with me as a rank amateur, but I've developed an app in HTML5/Javascript that accesses a mysql database via a php AJAX call.

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intel xdk new push mobi issue

I would like to you use PushMobi in Intel XDK New, I have seen posts that its not working. Is it still a problem? please answer this question as soon as possible.

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Support NodeJS NPM

I thing you are using node-webkit,So its run on single thread,it's possible i can use npm and other client side framework(AngularJS,etc) and

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