CPUs are set to dominate high end visualization

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API without Secrets: Introduction to Vulkan* Part 6

This part of the tutorial presented a way to use textures (combined image samplers, in fact) inside shaders. To do this we created an image and allocated and bound a memory to it. We also created an image view. Next, we copied data from a staging buffer to the image to initialize its contents. We also created a sampler object that defined a way in which image data was read inside shaders.
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没有任何秘密的 API:Vulkan* 简介第 6 部分

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-NEW- Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows® 10 64-bit [6th, 7th & 8th Generation]

DRIVER VERSION: (Windows Driver Store Version
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Code Sample: Rendering Objects in Parallel Using Vulkan* APIs

This code and accompanying article (see References below) discuss the process of rendering multiple FBX (Filmbox) and OBJ (Wavefront) objects using Vulkan APIs. The application employs a non-touch graphical user interface (GUI) that reads and displays multiple 3D object files in a common scene.
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Intel and GoPro* partner up to Optimize GoPro Fusion* Studio Software for Multicore CPUs and GPUs

In this document, you will learn about some of the GoPro Fusion software capabilities such as image stabilization, image stitching, and OverCapture, and understand at a high level how the CPU and graphics processing unit (GPU) optimizations performed together with Intel's Core and Visual Computing Group, resulting in a better-balanced computing load.
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英特尔与 GoPro* 共同优化面向多核 CPU 和 GPU 的 GoPro Fusion* Studio 软件

在本文中,您将了解 GoPro Fusion 软件的某些功能,如图像稳定、图像拼接和 OverCapture,并深入了解与英特尔核心视觉计算事业部共同执行的 CPU 和图形处理单元 (GPU) 优化将如何更好地平衡计算负载。
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Training | Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers

Quickly get specialized skills for troubleshooting issues with your game through tutorials on Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers.
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