Desenvolva um Jogo para Android na Arquitetura Intel e Concorra a US$25.000

Se você desenvolve aplicações para Android, não pode perder a oportunidade de concorrer a um prêmio de US$25.000.

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Software Developer’s Guide for Sensors on Intel® Atom™ based Android* Tablets

This guide provides an introduction to the Android* Sensor framework and discusses how to use some of the sensors on a typical Intel® Atom™ tablet.
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Android Device - Is there a support for external GPS devices ( like GALILEO GPS Receiver )?

Is there a support for external GPS devices ( like GALILEO GPS Receiver )on a real Android Device?

If Yes, how it could be configured?

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Welcome to the Android* Applications on Intel Architecture Forum!

Welcome to the newest forum on Intel Software Network, dedicated to helping developers of Android Applications get the most out of running on Intel architecture.

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Multi APK

Google has recently made changes that better support for the Intel architecture through Android apps published on Google Play. Google Market now supports CPU architecture (ABI) a

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GCC x86 Performance Hints

      People say that GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) cannot generate effective code compared to other proprietary compilers. Is it a myth or reality?

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How to Publish Your Apps On Google Play* For x86-based Android* Devices Using Multiple APK Support

Google Play has added Multiple APK support for x86 CPU architecture. This  feature allows you to publish different APKs for your application that are each targeted to x86 CPU architecture.

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Методика портирования приложений NDK Android*

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GCC x86 Code Size Optimizations

      The time when programmers did their best to minimize an application code size have gone.

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Cмартфоны на платформе Android с процессорами Intel


1.    Lava Xolo X900

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