Accelerating Media, Video Transcoding, & Computer Vision: Which Tool Do I Use?


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Counting People: Use OpenCV* for Edge Detection

Learn how to use OpenCV* to count people using edge detection rather than using server farms.
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Intel Global IoT DevFest

Celebrating the FIRST EVER Global IoT DevFest! Registration is Still Open to Watch Replays! ATTENTION – There’s still time to sign up for the latest edition of our Intel Global IoT DevFest II on Nov 7-8th 2017.
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Python* Code Samples for Video Analytics with OpenCV

In support of computer vision development efforts, we've created a GitHub* repository of twelve computer vision code samples. These code samples are a good starting point for developers who wish to develop more robust computer vision and analytic solutions. We use the Retail, Digital Signage market in these examples but the technology can be used in a variety of different markets.
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Edge Data Processing POC with the UP Squared* Board

With the amount of continuously generated data on the rise, the cost to upload and store that data in the cloud is increasing. Data is being gathered faster than it is stored and immediate action is often required. Sending all the data to the cloud can result in latency and presents risks when internet connectivity is intermittent. Edge computing involves processing data locally for immediate...
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Intel® Vision Products Help Advantech Address Major Retail Dilemmas

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Retail Reference Implementations

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Intel Global IoT DevFest IV

Intel Global IoT DevFest IV is a two-day virtual conference that offers access to comprehensive training to sharpen your AI and IoT skills.
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Smart Retail Analytics | IoT

This reference implementation uses computer inference to analyze customer engagement, store traffic, and shelf inventory.
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