Accelerating Media, Video Transcoding, & Computer Vision: Which Tool Do I Use?


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CPUs are set to dominate high end visualization

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Intel® True VR Viewer SDK

Integrate Intel® True VR Viewer video content into applications on iOS or Android devices.
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Intel® Black Belt Software Developers, Intel® Software Innovators, & Intel® Student Ambassadors: November 2017

Intel® Developers and Innovators were bus

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Top Ten Intel Software Developer Stories December

This month we introduce our newest VR newsletter deVR Beat; link to the keynotes from the Intel® HPC Developer Conference,meet the winners of the Intel® Modern Code Challenge and more.
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Top Ten Intel Software Developer Stories March

Create a safe VR social environment and learn more about object detection specifically for drone videos.
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Intel® Developer Zone Update | July 2018

Discover a way to edit VR audio within your VR editing system! Learn about the future of VR on the go.

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Developing a CSI VR Lab in Unreal* for Windows* Store

In this 3rd Week of Developing the Forensic VR Laboratory we talk about challenges that can be overcome thanks to the Open Source proposal combined with amazing Virtual Reality Tech from Intel last equipment.
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Using the Intel® NUC 8 in VR and Fulldome for Immersive Multimedia Experiences

This article will show how the technology of the NUC 8 can successfully integrate with the projection technology of the full dome and VR in a number of ways. TouchDesigner, and the RealSense camera will be used. The principles of good dome and VR cinematography as well as interactivity and depth mapping through the RealSense camera will be addressed.
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在虚拟现实和 Fulldome 中使用英特尔® NUC 8 创建沉浸式多媒体体验

本文展示了使用 TouchDesigner 和实感摄像头将 NUC 8 成功集成球幕投影技术和虚拟现实的几种方法。本文还介绍了优质球幕与虚拟现实摄影的原理以及通过实感摄像头实现的交互性和深度映射。
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