Parallel Educational Appliance: Once upon a Mattress

Convergence of good ideas into a coalesced one is normative for this millennia.
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Windows* Store Apps: The Differentiating Features

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Everything for the Ultrabook™ developer

So one of the first questions raised by application developers, is typically how can I get started with app development on Ultrabook™ - well here are some excellent pointers.

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Modeling Education for the Connected World

Sit back for a moment and reflect on just what the internet is and how it has affected you, your work, and the world at large.

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Over The Hump: Hackathons: New Coders, Fear Not!


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Over The Hump: Virtual Hackathons worth it?

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Use HTML5 device orientation to run Windows 8 javascript apps on Android devices

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Chromebooks Gain 25% Market Share

Investor's Business Daily takes note of how the

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Getting Someone to Know What They Know

Have you ever tried to explain something that is second nature to you?  It’s difficult if not impossible to recall even important details all at once. 

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Closing the Technology Gender Gap with “She Will Connect”

It’s a fact that can’t be denied: there are, quite simply, far fewer women in technology-related fields then there are men.

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