Haswell New Instruction Descriptions Now Available!

Intel just released public details on the next generation of the x86 architecture.

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Gaming – In transition and revolution

Part One of Four (Mobile)

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Transcoding and Codec Optimization: Tips & Tricks


by Khang Nguyen

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Achieving Performance: An Approach to Optimizing a Game Engine

by Will Damon

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Optimizing the Rendering Pipeline of Animated Models Using the Intel Streaming SIMD Extensions

This article provides an overview of an improved SIMD optimized rendering pipeline of animated models.
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How to Manipulate Data Structure to Optimize Memory Use on 32-Bit Intel® Architecture

Demonstrates how a Structure of Arrays organization of data makes it easier to get a performance benefit from SIMD
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Could PC Gaming be critical to our Nation’s future?

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Building a highly scalable 3D particle system

Particle systems are an ideal candidate for multi-threading in games. Most games have particle systems and their general nature of independent entities lends well to parallelism.

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A Look at Sandy Bridge: Integrating Graphics into the CPU

Processor graphics will soon be found in computers everywhere. Intel calls this new capability Intel® HD Graphics; at AMD, it’s called AMD Fusion*.

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Intel® Quick Sync Video encoder plug-in for Adobe pro and consumer products

Hello fellow SW developers and media creation enthusiasts,
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