MeshCentral on Intel® IoT Gateways Simplifies IoT Management: Brief

The solution brief introduces the MeshCentral open source device management solution that is interoperable with Intel® IoT Gateways, and how to use these i

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Mesh Commander v0.1.7 Released

Mesh Commander 0.1.7 was just released. This time around, we are adding a significant new feature. Everyone seriously using Intel® AMT knows that automation is essential to get management working smoothly on a large scale. You need to be able to quickly configure, modify, gather data and perform custom management operations. To do this quickly and on many machines, you need to be able to script...
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Mesh Commander v0.2.0 Released

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Could Your Next App Be for B2B?

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IBM Interconnect 2017

Tap into the most advanced cloud technology in the market today
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Introduction to Developing and Optimizing Display Technology

Digital displays and signs are all around you. You may have seen them cropping up at shopping centers and doctors’ offices. From video walls, to AR fitting mirrors, to ordering menus, digital signs are pervasive and are becoming a part of everyday shopping experience.
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File Wrapper

Connect a Windows® 10 IoT Device to MeshCentral

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Introduction to Smart Video Technologies from Intel

This paper addresses how the Smart Video (SV) system architecture is increasing in complexity and evolving into new industries and use cases.

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Developing for Visual Retail using Intel® Active Management Technology

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Developing for Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT)

Managing a fleet of computers can be a complex task with computers in hard to reach places, powered off, or with their physical whereabouts unknown. While those are just a few of the on-site challenges, management service providers (MSP) have the added challenge of servicing the computers remotely and often find themselves sending a technician out to handle the issues. Intel® Active Management...
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