Have your cake and eat it too

This English idiomatic proverb or figure of speech dating back to 1546 is used to describe situations where “you can’t have it both ways.” Considering that this blog is posted on a website which, b

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-Mr Compiler, may I help you with the loop vectorization? -Not a disservice, please.

Any parent knows the simple rule: "Never help a child with a task he can succeed at himself. Otherwise you don't make any good for the kid,  for you and for the whole planet".

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Fortran is more popular than ever; Intel makes it FAST

Just this past week, a senior radio telescope astronomer told me about the shift from C++ back to Fortran in his corner of the world. It is all about efficiency.

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Understanding x86 vs ARM Memory Alignment on Android

With Google’s recent release of the NDK (r6), it is now possible build Android application for x86 processors in addition to ARM.

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Thread Safety Analysis

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Parallelism as a First Class Citizen in C and C++, the time has come

It is time to make Parallelism a full First Class Citizen in C and C++.  Hardware is once again ahead of software, and we need to close the gap so that application development is better able to uti

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OpenMP 3.1 API Specification Available

I'm happy to share some news for all the OpenMP folks out there!
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Haswell New Instruction Descriptions Now Available!

Intel just released public details on the next generation of the x86 architecture.

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How We Used Intel® MPI Library to Get Outstanding LINPACK Results on a Very Large System

Large clusters dominate the semi-annual list of the 500 fastest supercomputers in the world.

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Gaming – In transition and revolution

Part One of Four (Mobile)

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