New Sharp* Security Camera uses Intel® Architecture

Sharp security camera at NAB Sharp previews its QG- B20C camera used for digital security surveillance at the Intel booth at NAB Show, April 18-21. The camera runs on an Intel® Celeron® processor (N3160) and utilizes the Intel® Media SDK for hardware-accelerated encoding. With digital surveillance and security concerns now an everyday part of life, SHARP has unveiled a new omnidirectional...
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Wind River Rocket* 的优势

Wind River Rocket* 是一款免费、可扩展、多架构的实时操作系统,专为物联网 (IoT) 设备设计。 Rocket 开发通过创新的基于云的环境来实现,可简化物联网应用的创建和测试。

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Device Management for IoT Production

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Smashing the IoT Deployment Hurdle with the Intel® Secure Device Onboard Service

Intel® SDO enables developers and their customers to deliver better privacy protection and a more secure device baseline, ready for update.
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