Empowering Oil and Gas Applications for Intel® Xeon®, Xeon Phi™ architectures using Intel® Tools

Improving the performance of software applications is a constant challenge for software developers in the Oil and Gas industry.

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Performance essentials using OpenMP* 4.0 vectorization with C/C++

This webinar teaches you about Vectorization, what it is and why you should care about it as a software developer.

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Getting the Most Out of the Intel® Compiler with New Optimization Reports

Intel® Composer XE 2015 has dramatically overhauled the reporting features for such crucial optimizations as inlining, vectorization, parallelization, and memory access and cache usage optimization

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Performance using the Intel® Fortran Compiler

Steve Lionel, Dr Fortran, talks about how the Intel Fortran compiler generates faster applicatio

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Intel® Fortran Compiler Parallelism Support

Steve Lionel, Dr Fortran, talks about the built-in support for writing parallel code in the I

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Design Code that Scales

As systems grow in complexity due to the number and type of cores and to vector size, you need to develop and update code to ensure scalability and take advantage of current and next-gen platforms.

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Getting Better Performance on Dijkstra’s Shortest Path Graph Algorithm using the Intel® Compiler

We optimized a version of Dijkstra’s shortest path graph algorithm using a combination of Intel® Cilk™ Plus array notation and OpenMP* parallel for.

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New Vectorization Features of the Intel® Compiler

Intel® Compiler vectorization features are improving its capabilities continuously through utilizing STL vectors, indirect addressing, multi-dimensional arrays, and SIMD of OpenMP* 4.0.

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Vectorize or Die – unlock performance secrets with data driven software design

The free ride of faster performance with increased clock speeds is long gone. Software must be both threaded and vectorized to fully utilize today’s and tomorrow’s hardware.

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Accelerate your application: Vectorization made easy with Intel® Advisor XE

Vectorization Advisor is one of the two major features of the Intel® Advisor XE product. Intel® Advisor XE comprises Vectorization Advisor and Threading Advisor.

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