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well, let us start this forum :)



How about sharing some material? events?

I would really love to learn about intel roadmap for Deep learning.


Good luck,



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Meet us at ODSC West - Santa Clara 2016

Want to see Intel Deep Learning SDK in action? We'll be there at ODSC 2016 in Santa Clara.

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Plans to Integrate Opencl Optimized Caffe for backend?


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Training Tool Installer


i'm trying to install the new dl sdk version 1.0.325.

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Upload from web address

The Upload page ("#/main/upload") says I can upload the .rar file from "local path or web address", but I can't figure out how to type a web address into that From field. Is it possible? 

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Intel DL SDK tool installation failed


I installed this tools in two machine and all got one same error when it wants pull docker image dl-training tool from server:


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Using User-defined models in Deep Learning SDK


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Uploading in the default location is not possible

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to upload a zip file (of image data to be converted to lmdb format later on) but I'm getting this:

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Installing path in Dl SDK


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Inference engine error message regarding the image mean file size


I'm optimizing a VGG16 network trained on imagenet using the imagenet_mean.binaryproto file as an input to the model optimizer.

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