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Intel's cloud-based analytics system infrastructure

I was looking at the cloud-based analytics system that Intel is providing for the IoT, and the idea seems interesting.

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How Do Businesses Perceive Big Data Analytic Tools and Hadoop?

Hello every one, I am a final year computer science undergraduate student.

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Bigdata- The Future of Decision Making

This Forum Aimed at discussing Bigdata as the future of decision making tool

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Big data and its interesting counter parts!

Hi fellas, I'm an yet another hadoop geek who is looking forward to explore a lot in it.

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Users on Microsoft PowerBi ?

I'm focusing to send data through IoT devices to Microsoft Power Bi. Is there any users who have successfully sent data to it?

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BigData processing

Hi, what is the best cloud service for big data? i have heard about google cloud.

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Big Data for Freshers

Hi, I am an engineering student and wanna know how to start working in the field of Big Data ? Cause I wanna learn more about it before stepping into the industry.

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How Spark runs on a cluster and How to write Spark Applications

Get an idea and looking for hands on experience in how Spark runs on a cluster and How to write Spark Applications usefull video https://www.yo

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is the Big data ever proven to be secure?

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Gearpump Java Examples

I am trying to get the gearpump java examples, (2.11.5-, to work.  Has anyone had any luck building them.  So far, I have figured out I need to:

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