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Compiler decides to use SSE instead of AVX


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Missed optimization opportunities using dvec.h

Compile this for use on AVX system (Intel C++) and compare runtimes of two loops.

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Exemple of image Filter SSE acceleration


I am working on image processing and starting to optimize a filtering algorithm.I wonder if there is an exemple of a simple 3x3 pixel-domain filter using SSE(4) for x86?

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Seek help for AVX shuffle parameters

hi, guys,

I write an AVX code which need a shuffle, but i can not write out how the parameter should be set, Could anyone give me some help ?
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Is there an error in Operation pseudo-code for FSIN instruction?

Is there an error in Operation pseudo-code for FSIN instruction? Please take a look:

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segment-specific rdpmc counter

It would be really nice to have a way to count unhalted core cycles that only counts the cycles while executing code in a specific segment.

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Problems encountred during vectorization of code using SSE intrinsics

I have been struggling with vectorizing a particular application for sometime now and I have tried everything. From autovectorization, to

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Intel HD 3000 Execution Unit and SIMD

Hi, Anyone know about the execution unit in Intel HD 3000 using what type of SIMD? Is it AVX or SSE4 or SSE3? Thanks, Syahmi.

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about SIMD code

Just write some SIMD code instead of making the compiler generate the SIMD code automatically, but how do I enable the icc compiler to compile with the code?

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MASM files + Intel compiler/assembler in Linux


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