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Intel Mobile Platform SDK with Sim so dep Ltd

We, Sim so dep is an IT Company in Vietnam working Intel Mobile Platform SDK.

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Is Intel Mobile Platform SDK 1.3 available?


I am trying to query battery info from a Intel Mobile Motherboard.
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Newbie -- Comparion with iOS development?

Hi -

I'm curious how this program compares with iOS vis-a-vis potnetial market size and average development cost.


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mobile app development tools

What tools are you using for Mobile app development?

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It is possible for Intel Power Gadget 2.0 to crash Windows

I sorry if it is in the wrong forum, but it is my first time

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Windows 8

What the best pratices to developer Windows 8 application over Intel plataform?

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How To Mobile Software Develop

I do not know how to mobile software devlop please guide me.


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Most Common Pitfalls in Analyzing Application Power Consumption


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Mobile Application Development

Quytech( is a leading mobile application developement company and provides mobility solutions on iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows P

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Bluetooth:Is it possible to use software to act as a switch to toggle device pairing among devices?

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