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Artificial intelligence Vs. Virtualization

in software developement is there a tradeoff between the two and how can it be viable economically and technologically.

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Need required about using intel-vt into guests (nested)

Hi, i'm creating a hypervisor based on Intel-vt extensions, each VM must be able to have it's own hypervisor with Intel-vt (i don't have choice).

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how to know what the VMM has registered for its control fields

I'm trying to find out what does the Microsoft Hypervisor register for as its control fields.

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Cost of VMEntry and VMExit?

Hi all,

I would like to the overhead of VMEntry and VMExit. Is there any publication talking about this?Thanks!

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Windows 7 host PC/laptop resets - Intel VT-x and Workstation 8 to blame?

Anbody have this issue? HP EliteBook 8760w, BIOS F.25, 16GB (4x4GB) ram, Intel Core i7-2820QM with Intel VT-x enabled, Win7 Enterprise 64-bit, VMware Workstation 8.0.4.

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Google Analytics is Not The Best

SEO Fight Back No matter what you do on the Internet, whether you have a website for your small business or you manage e-commerce sit
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Commission Shortcut Review

Commission Shortcut Review released by the maydayreport representing Mike Da

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Looking for SINIT AC Module for E5-2670

can't find it from the official list:

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i7 3930K C2 stepping confusion over EPT


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Finding out if "Unrestricted Guest" supported at runtime

Hi there,

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