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Expected Vectorization with Array Notation

Hi There!

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Cilk assertion when throwing an exception in cilk worker thread


If I do a simple throw std::runtime_error("test exception") in a function at the bottom of bunch of recursive functions using cilk_for, I get a crash with this error:

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icc with cilk not working (library won't load)

I'm having trouble with icc using cilk. This trouble is with icc as shown below:

$ icc --version

icc (ICC) 12.0.0 20101006

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icc cilk_for produces gratuitous warning on -Wshadow

This seems to be true for both icc

12.0.020101006 and 12.0.0 20100512
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how to convert cilk::mutex into Intel Cilk Plus?

How do I convert cilk::mutex objects into Intel Cilk Plus?

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no libcilkrts.a (that is no static version of cilkrts)

The intel compiler doesn't appear to include a static version of cilkrts. It includes libcilkrts.so, but no libcilkrts.a

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cilkview and cilkscreen

Intel Composer XE 2011.

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Enforcing Loop Vectorization with Array Notations

I wonder what would be preventing the compiler from vectorizing the innermost loop in the following function (e.g.):

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comparison of icc and gcc

I wrote, compiled and ran a simulation program both using icc and gcc. The output was not the same, but it was very close most of the time.

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C++ exceptions to abort spawned work?

The Cilk-Plus language specification is silent about speculative / non-deterministic parallelism. In particular, it does not state whether C++ exceptions can abort spawned work.
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