How to Reduce Your Data Center Footprint

Learn about innovative ways to address the rapidly increasing growth of Video streaming demands while reducing your data center footprint and costs.
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Bringing Anno 1800* to Laptop Gamers Around the World: The Long Road From 10 to 30 FPS

Anno 1800 tracks output from many production chains and thousands of citizens, ensuring games run in a wide range of hardware configurations.
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支持全球的笔记本电脑游戏玩家畅玩《纪元 1800*》:从 10 FPS 到 30 FPS 的漫长之路

《纪元 1800》跟踪多个生产链和无数市民的输出,以确保游戏在各种硬件配置下都能够顺畅运行。
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