Sample Application: Wi-Fi* Connect Manager


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Threading Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives Image Resize with Intel® Threading Building Blocks

Threading Intel® IPP Image Resize with Intel® TBB.pdf (157.18 KB) :
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Adding sensor configurations to your Ultrabook and Tablet app

Windows 8 devices are certainly showing variety today. New convertible Ultrabooks and Intel tablets have screens that fold over, slide out or detach from the keyboard.

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Mouse / Touch Mode Detection on Windows® 10 and Windows* 8

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Low Power Audio Playback - Windows* Store app

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Low Power Audio Playback Whitepaper - Windows* Store App

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Windows* 8 Store App - Low Power Audio Playback (PDF)

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Windows* 8 Store App – Motion-based app sleep prevention Sample

Lana N. Lindberg, Software Applications Engineer for the Intel® Atom ™ Processor

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Foliage Patch - Organizing Our Data

This blog post discusses how we organize our foliage data with patches where we separate foliage rendering into full-3D objects near the camera, and 2D billboard proxies further away (and for small objects near the camera).
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Touch keyboard access for Windows* 8 desktop apps

Leveraging built in virtual keyboard access in full screen mode games and applications.
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Adding Multi-Touch Support to Unity* Games on Microsoft Windows* 7 and Windows* 8 Desktop

By Steve Hughes

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