Intel® IPP - Library dependencies by domain

IPP demain dependencies.
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Android Things* on Intel® Architecture

Android Things* is an operating system from Google used to build connected devices for the Internet of Things. In June 2017, Intel announced it discontinued Intel® Edison compute modules, Intel® Joule™ compute modules, and their associated developer kits.
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CPU Manager, a Beta Feature in Kubernetes for Performance-Sensitive Applications

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The TPM2 Software Stack: Introducing a Major Open Source Release

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Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family Technical Overview

The new generation, the Intel® Xeon® processor Scalable family (formerly code-named Skylake-SP), is based on 14nm process technology, with many new and enhanced architecture changes including, Skylake Mesh Architecture and Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (Intel® AVX-512).
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