My Experiences at IDF 2015 as a Black Belt Developer: The Intel® IoT Gateway

I also took a look at the Intel® IoT Gateway. For those of you not in the know, IoT stands for Internet of Things. The Intel® IoT Gateway is a wireless router that fits between the edge devices and the cloud. My first thought was, “Hey, this is just a wireless router.” Talking to the gentleman hosting the demo, my future boss, I realized the gateway is much more than just a gateway/wireless...
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3 Questions Every Game Developer Should Ask Before they Begin Developing

In January we brought the Intel® Buzz Workshop series to Montreal for the first time. Montreal in January? YES!

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The Current State & Future of PC Games, and How to Design Accordingly (Tadhg Kelly)

With a focus on what he considers to be the most difficult part of the development process – design – Tadhg Kelly discusses the current state and emerging trends in PC gaming, including the r

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Winning at Esports: Designing & Optimizing for Esports, and Overcoming its Technical Challenges

A discussion on the emerging opportunities in eSports; what types of games and features work best, how to best design for esports, and how to deal with technical challenges eSPorts present such as

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Avoiding the ‘Indie Apocalypse’: A Guide to How PC Indies Can Survive & Thrive

Lean development and virtual teams, untapped market segments, crowd-funding, community-building and more.

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Looking at Machine Learning in Games

George Doubler (CTO, IBM Interactive Media) explores how Machine Learning platforms (like IBM's Watson or Google's initiatives) are just now starting to make their way into games.

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Real-Time Game Optimization with Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers

Intel TCE Seth Schneider provides a technical overview, outlines the benefits for game optimization and answers questions regarding Intel’s Graphics Perform

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Intel® Level Up Game Dev Contest – 2016 Runners Up

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Understanding and Harnessing the Capabilities of Intel® Xeon Phi™ Processor (Code Named Knights Landing) Lab - HPC Developer Conference 2016

At the 2016 HPC Developer Conference in Salt Lake City, we presented a lab entitled Understanding and Harnessing the Capabilities of Intel® Xeon Phi™ Processor (Code Named Knights Landing)

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Nervana's End-to-End Speech Recognition with neon™

This Meetup covers the basic ideas that go into building an end-to-end speech recognition system trained entirely using deep learning techniques.

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