Innovating for User Experience on Intel Ultrabook

Get the secrets to enable your apps with breakthrough user experience. Get the Ux design innovation, algorithm & code in article & video format.
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Two Years of Intel and Adobe Technical Collaboration Deliver Stunning Performance Gains to Lightroom Classic

Intel and Adobe* engineers are continually working together to optimize Creative Cloud* applications for the latest Intel hardware.
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Practical VR: Immersive Arena Experience ADDS a Human Element

Open Source code lays the groundwork for a life arena experience designed for architects, investors and builders
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Adding Dimension to Data Analytics through Immersive Visualization

Virtual Cove Visualizer taps the greater potential of the human mind by allowing to view data in multiple dimension
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How Landfall* Juggles Jokes, Physics Experiments, and Commercial Games

Landfall* was working on Totally Accurate Battle Simulator*, a physics-based tactics sim,
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Outward Proves You Don’t Need Crunch to Make a Massive RPG

Outward is an ambitious, open-world RPG designed by a team that’s a third of the size you’d expect.
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Starpoint Gemini: How a Tenacious Team Created a Successful Franchise

The cofounders of Little Green Men Games aren’t the first group of developers, to bootstrap their company.
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QuikFynd Advanced Data Search

Tame fragmented data with QuikFynd advanced data search using the OpenVINO™ toolkit

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