Intel® Software Development Emulator

Product overview for the Intel® Software Development Emulator or Intel® SDE
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Understanding CPU Dispatching in the Intel® IPP Libraries

Lists all supported CPUs and identifiers used in Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP).
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Where do I download the old version of Intel® IPP Cryptography libraries?

This page contains instructions for downloading the old Intel IPP cryptography libraries.
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Demo: Advantage of Westmere Crypto Acceleration Engine

Purpose of this demo is to show an advantage of Westmere Crypto Acceleration Engine.
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Intel® Inspector XE Defect Resulting in Loss of SSA Result State Information


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向安卓开发人员推介第四代英特尔® 凌动™ 处理器 BayTrail


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Graphene Library OS for Intel® SGX

Porting applications to the Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) platform can be cumbersome.

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Intel Analysis of Speculative Execution Side Channels

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Speculative Execution Side Channel Mitigations

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