How to set the INTEL_LICENSE_FILE environment variable

Instructions for setting INTEL_LICENSE_FILE variable for Intel® Software License Manager access
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When is a floating license seat checked out and checked in?

Explanation of compiler license seat check-out
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Checklist for Installation of the Intel® Software License Manager (FLEXlm*)

Steps for customers to follow for installation and troubleshooting FLEXlm license host server and client systems
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Intel® FLEXlm* License Borrowing Capability

Describes the FLEXlm license BORROW capability.
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Installing and starting Intel® Software License Manager on Windows*

Install and start the Intel® Software License Manager on Windows* 8 or Windows* 10 as Administrator as Windows enforces administrator privileges for installation or removal of a service.
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How can I force the license server to release the license

When using a product and the machine crashes, does the license server keeps the license active? How can I force the license server to release the license?
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License compatibility with older Intel® compiler versions

The 12.X version of the compiler in the XE product line is compatible with all older versions but not vice versa. Users with older 11.X version will need an upgrade license for the 12.X XE product line.
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How do I manage my licenses?

Instructions on how to manage licenses of subscribed products
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error: The license file provided is invalid

- The license file may be corrupted. Log in to the Intel Registration Center and download the license file or resend it to your email. - Check the license and its support expiration date in the Intel Registration Center. - You may be using the wrong license file. - If your license is a floating license, you need to have Intel® License Manager for FLEXlm* Servers set up properly.
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How to set INTEL_LICENSE_FILE to reduce license checkout delay?

Setting INTEL_LICENSE_FILE first to the correct location of the valid license file reduces the compiler invocation delay due to license checkouts.
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