Using Wind River® Simics® to Inspire Teachers in Costa Rica

Simics* is a great teaching tool, at all levels of the software and hardware stack, down to the internal logic of a hardware design.
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Two Years of Intel and Adobe Technical Collaboration Deliver Stunning Performance Gains to Lightroom Classic

Intel and Adobe* engineers are continually working together to optimize Creative Cloud* applications for the latest Intel hardware.
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AI Helps with Skin Cancer Screening

Doctor Hazel, a skin cancer screening service powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that operates in real time, relies on an extensive library of images to distinguish between skin cancer and benign lesions, making it easier for people to seek professional medical advice.
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Use AI to Map Brain Connectivity

Follow an Intel® Student Ambassador who uses machine learning and AI to revolutionize medical diagnostics. These diagnostic techniques used classify the characteristics of epilepsy and Alzheimer's by analyzing how the brain is connected.
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人工智能 (AI) 助力皮肤癌筛查

Doctor Hazel 是一种基于人工智能 (AI) 技术的服务,可帮助实时筛查皮肤癌,由英特尔® Movidius™ 神经计算棒提供支持。
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Visionary AI Explorations

Discover how Intel pushes the boundaries of AI application from the craters of the moon for future space missions to the frozen seas of the arctic for researching polar bears and whales.
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跟随英特尔® 校园大使了解如何使用机器学习和人工智能推动医疗诊断变革。使用的诊断技术通过分析大脑的连接结构,对癫痫和老年痴呆症的特征进行分类。
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Deep Learning Brings Touch to Robots

Success Story: Deep learning algorithms that enable touch as well as vision can create tremendous opportunities for robotics apps.
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AI-Powered Speech and Facial Recognition System

Read how facial and speech recognition technologies are integrated into AI-based video conferencing.
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