Using Wind River® Simics® to Inspire Teachers in Costa Rica

Simics* is a great teaching tool, at all levels of the software and hardware stack, down to the internal logic of a hardware design.
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New Case Study: Optimal Design with 5x Performance Boost


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Extract the Value of Cryptocurrency from Sentiment Analysis

See how this Intel® Student Ambassador created a business that provides insight into cryptocurrency trading. His process uses recurrent neural tensor networks and the Intel® AI DevCloud to analyze the public opinion about different currencies.
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Deep Learning Brings Touch to Robots

Success Story: Deep learning algorithms that enable touch as well as vision can create tremendous opportunities for robotics apps.
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了解这位英特尔® 校园大使如何创建提供加密货币交易方面洞察的业务。他的程序使用递归神经张量网络和英特尔® AI DevCloud 来分析公众对不同货币的看法。
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Improve Biomedical Image AI Training and Analysis

New techniques increase the accuracy of deep neural network training of class-imbalanced biomedical image data.
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