Intel® IoT Standards and Consortiums Webinar

One of the fastest ways to realize the enormous potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) for business transformation is through open platforms and standards. In the 4th webinar in the Intel IoT Webinar Series we will focus on the importance of IoT standards and consortia. We will particularly look at the efforts Intel and other industry leaders are making to bring together the organizations,...
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IoT Introduction: Smart Home Basics with Intel and IBM

Devices in and around our homes are becoming more connected, resulting in smart homes that can lead to smart communities.

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Ubuntu* Core on an Intel® NUC

Ubuntu* Core is a version of the Ubuntu Linux* distribution modified for use on IoT devices. It employs a "snap" packaging system, originally developed for Ubuntu Mobile Devices, and brings many phone “features” to the IoT developer.
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Developing IoT Applications with the Intel® NUC and Ubuntu* Core

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Part 1 | Secure Deployment and Remote Management of Large Scale IoT Systems

Cloud-based remote manageability empowers discovery, repair, and management of IoT devices.

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Big Data Processing with Google Cloud Platform*

Learn to take data from Cloud IoT Core and send it into DataFlow, write data into BigQuery, and visualize the data in Data Studio as a means of understanding the data.

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