Webinar: “DIY Science using the Intel® IoT Developer Kit”

In this session you will learn how to participate in the DIY and crowdsourced science movements using the Intel® IoT Developer Kit. Intel Evangelist Daniel Holmlund will talk about the history of these movements, current crowd sourced science projects that you can join, and share examples of how to build IoT projects that can contribute to the growing online movement of citizen science.
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Have a Heart: Love your Hybrid Programs

Are you working with a hybrid program that just isn't performing? Do you feel like your application is on life support?

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Intel® IoT Standards and Consortiums Webinar

One of the fastest ways to realize the enormous potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) for business transformation is through open platforms and standards. In the 4th webinar in the Intel IoT Webinar Series we will focus on the importance of IoT standards and consortia. We will particularly look at the efforts Intel and other industry leaders are making to bring together the organizations,...
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Knights Landing – An Overview for Developers

In this webinar, James Reinders, will cover the essential knowledge needed for effectively utilizing the extraordinary parallelism in the new Intel® Xeon Phi™ processor (code named Knights Landing)

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IoT Webinar "Databases at the Edge"

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Webinar: Deep Learning 101

Deep neural networks are capable of amazing levels of representation power resulting in state-of-the-art accuracy in areas such as computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing,

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Code Modernization: A Personal Approach

Intel® Software Black Belt Asaf Shelly discusses the various challenges inherent for modern code developers when choosing amongst the various available techniques to increase code performance.

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IoT Introduction: Smart Home Basics with Intel and IBM

Devices in and around our homes are becoming more connected, resulting in smart homes that can lead to smart communities.

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Smart Home Data Analytics with Intel and IBM

Building on the smart home fundamentals presented in the first webinar, Intel and IBM experts will guide you through collecting sensor data and analyzing the data in order to determine when a sprin

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Introduction to IoT Security with Intel and IBM

Smart homes and the individual devices in them allow for new efficiencies by connecting data previously held in disparate locations.

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