Intel® System Studio - for the industrial and automotive Internet of Things

The new Intel® System Studio released in mid-February combines support for the Intel® Quark SoC with highly optimized compiler and the XDB Intel® JTAG Debugger with support for performanc tuning, in-depth instruction and evend tracing, power & performance analysis, and first class build tools with hand-tuning assembly level optimizations specifically for the Intel® Atom(TM) Processe E38xx.
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Intel® System Studio 2015 Support Matrix

Please email intelsystemstudio@intel.com if you would like additional support for a particular Intel® System Studio 2015 component.

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Using Intel System Studio with Wind River Linux* Build Environment

    Intel® System Studio 2015, and the newer version provides the integration layer support with the Wind River* Linux* and the Wind River* Workbench.

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Using Intel® System Studio with the Yocto* Project

        The Yocto* Project is an open source collaboration project that provides templates, tools, and methods to help you create custom Linux*-based systems for embedded products.

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Wind River* EMS Device Management: User's Guide

WindRiver* Edge Management System (EMS) enables remote management of devices running the EMS agent. EMS Server is the cloud side of the Edge Management System.

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Intel® Lends Support to the Zephyr* Project

Intel and its partners make significant contributions to the new operating system, ideal for microcontroller-based sub-Linux* application development. The newly launched open-source Zephyr Project – a small, real-time OS that supports multiple architectures—is targeted at IoT (Internet of Things) gateway and edge applications. It’s great for working on the smallest, microcontroller-based...
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Hardware Overview в Setting up an Intel® IoT Gateway using the Intel® IoT Developer Kit and Intel® IoT Gateway Software Suite

In order to take advantage of the Intel® IoT Gateway, you'll need to assemble your own gateway "kit", including components like the gateway, the sensors you want to add to your project, and a host computer for programming the gateway. This section contains an overview of the major hardware components you'll need to assemble your Intel® IoT Gateway kit.

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Software Overview в Setting up an Intel® IoT Gateway using the Intel® IoT Developer Kit and Intel® IoT Gateway Software Suite

This section provides an overview of the various software components that you'll use to create your Intel® IoT Gateway solution. Although you can technically get up and running without the information in this section, you'll need a basic understanding of what you're installing and why to start really developing your own projects.

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Projects and Tutorials: Connecting to the Cloud в Setting up an Intel® IoT Gateway using the Intel® IoT Developer Kit and Intel® IoT Gateway Software Suite

Now that you've gotten your Hello, World! program running, you can start connecting your gateway to the cloud. The IoT cloud repository allows you to add support for multiple cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure*, Google Cloud Platform*, IBM Watson IoT* and Amazon Web Services (AWS)* to your Intel® IoT device. This section contains steps to install cloud support on...

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