Connect to the IBM Watson IoT* Platform with an Intel® IoT Gateway Software Suite: Use Case

This use case describes an industrial application of the Intel® IoT Gateway and the IBM Watson IoT* Platform running on IBM Bluemix*. The building blocks for implementing this use case are described in Connecting to the IBM Watson IoT* Platform with Intel® Gateway IoT Software Suites. That guide covers setting up an Intel® IoT Gateway, connecting sensors, setting up the IBM Watson IoT Platform...
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Tutorial: Intel® IoT Gateway, Industrial Oil & Gas Pressure Sensor, and AWS* IoT

In this use case tutorial we'll use an Intel® NUC and Intel® IoT Gateway Developer Hub to interface an industrial fluid/gas pressure sensor to AWS* IoT running in the Amazon Web Services* Cloud. The application software we'll develop will control the pressure sensor and continuously transmit pressure measurements to AWS IoT where the data will be stored, processed and evaluated in the cloud.
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Monnit Delivers IoT Intelligence via ALTA* Wireless Sensing Platform with Intel

Monnit’s low-power, wireless sensors and Intel® architecture based IoT gateways are used by a broad spectrum of industries for smart monitoring of anything.
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Datumize and Intel Transform Dark Data into Operational Insight for Manufacturing and Logistics

Delivering Value from Dark Data with Smart Middleware and an Intel® Architecture-Based IoT Gateway
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Achieving the Power of Industry 4.0 with Plug and Play Simplicity

Intel is helping power game-changing advancements in IoT to offer industrial companies powerful data analytics and automated controls with limited changes to infrastructure and production systems.
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Increasing Efficiency and Uptime with Predictive Maintenance

In many manufacturing plants today, monitoring is a highly manual process. FOURDOTONE Teknoloji analyzes data from sensors to enable manufacturers to respond immediately to problems, and predict using machine learning when machines are likely to fail.
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Manufacturer Increases Uptime Using IoT Solutions to Improve Machine Visibility

relayr’s data visualization tools helped a machinery manufacturer achieve an overall 11 percent performance improvement
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Industry 4.0 - Making IIoT a semi-automatic machinery #1

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Introduction to IoT in Industry 4.0

Initiatives like Industry 4.0 are poised to change our manufacturing processes forever. Learn about how Intel is addressing this.
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Trending on IoT: Our Most Popular Developer Stories for March

Here's a look back on some of the best from the Global IoT Dev Fest II. Learn about predictive maintenance and how to cut energy costs with our articles for March.
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