Intel® Graphics Virtualization Update

Traditional business models, built on graphics and visualization usages such as workstation remoting, VDI, DaaS, transcoding, media streaming, and on-line gaming, are beginning to draw open s

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Technical Articles on Trending Topics of Intel® Media SDK

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Intel Media Software at NAB

In this 1-minute video, Mark J. Buxton details some of the exciting media software demos that Intel showed at NAB 2016.

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Introduction to Intel® SGX Sealing

This post is intended to introduce developers to the Sealing capability available on Intel® SGX enabled platforms.

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How to Run Intel® Software Guard Extensions' Simulation Mode

Get instructions for compiling an application and enclave projects.
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Intel® Active Management Technology Developers Guide в Intel® Active Management Technology Developers Guide

Welcome to the Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) Developers Guide, some of the technologies that will be covered are Intel AMT, Intel VT and Intel TXT).
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Use Case Guide for Audio/Video Conferencing Using Intel® Unite™ Plugins

With Intel Unite hub software running on an Intel® vPro™ device, these room can now be a user-friendly, dongle-free environment. Allowing users to connect to the in-room screen over the corporate Wi-Fi* network. The individual connections are made by the meeting participants using the 6-digit PIN code that is supplied by the Intel Unite application to the in-room collaboration screen.
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Intel® SGX Tutorial Series status update: Part 9 is in progress

Since it's been a while since part 8 of the Intel Software Guard Extensions Tutorial Series was released (and that, too, came after a long delay of its own), I wanted to take a few moments to let p

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Generic Installation for Intel ® Media Server Studio

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What's New in Intel® Media Server Studio 2018 R2

We are pleased to announce the release of Intel® Media Server Studio Professional Edition 2018 R2.

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