The Last Line Effect

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Read With Me, powered by Intel Education

Teachers face big expectations around improving student reading skills.

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The JITter Conundrum - Just in Time for Your Traffic Jam

In interpreted languages, it just takes longer to get stuff done - I earlier gave the example where the Python source code a = b + c would result in a BINARY_ADD byte code which takes 78 machine instructions to do the add, but it's a single native ADD instruction if run in compiled language like C or C++. How can we speed this up? Or as the performance expert would say, how do I decrease...
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WebGL* in Chromium*: Behind the Scenes

Chromium uses a multi-process1 architecture. Each webpage has its own rendering process, which runs in a sandbox and is very restricted in what it can access. This makes it much harder for malicious web content to mess with your computer. However, this is bad news for GPU acceleration since the renderer doesn't even have access to the GPU. This is solved by adding an extra process just for the...
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Accelerating Texture Compression with Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions

Improving ETC1 and ETC2 texture compression   What is texture compression?
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Zero-Copy Texture Uploads in Chrome OS*

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Coloring with Beignet: Performing Color Management on Intel® HD Graphics with OpenCL*

Co-authored by Alina Chera

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Software vs. GPU Rasterization in Chromium*

This article is a general overview of the ways that web browsers can rasterize website information into actual pixels you can see.

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Native One-copy Texture Uploads for Chrome* OS on Intel® Architecture Enabled by Default

Native one-copy texture upload patches have been merged in upstream Chromium*, and they are enabled by default for Chrome* OS on Intel® architecture.

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Intel’s Open Source Graphics Drivers and Vulkan* Graphics API



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