The Intel® AVX Realization of Lanczos interpolation in Intel® IPP 2D Resize Transform

A white paper to describe Intel AVX Realization of Lanczos interpolation in Intel IPP 2D Transform functions.
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OpenCL™ Runtimes for Intel® Processors

Obtain runtimes to execute OpenCL™ applications on Intel­® processors.
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Intel® System Studio 2015 Support Matrix

Please email intelsystemstudio@intel.com if you would like additional support for a particular Intel® System Studio 2015 component.

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Intel® System Studio with Multimedia


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Top 10 Intel® Software Developer Stories | Intel® RealSense™ UX Guide, New IoT DevKit, Android* Powered Drone and More

Intel® Developer Zone experts, innovators, and Black Belts contribute hundreds of helpful articles and blog posts every month.

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Shell Access - Windows*

For Windows users: Learn how to establish a serial connection to either the Intel® Galileo or the Intel® Edison using PuTTY in order to run commands directly on your board.

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Create Eclipse Projects using GitHub Sensor Samples в Create Eclipse Projects using GitHub Sensor Samples

Start from Eclipse welcome page:
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Developing Internet of Things Projects with the Intel® XDK в Developing Internet of Things Projects with the Intel® XDK

This guide contains background information and steps to create applications for your Internet of Things (IoT) board using the Intel® XDK. The Intel XDK, part of the Intel® IoT Developer Kit, lets you create and run Node.js* applications directly on Intel-based IoT platforms. This edition of Intel® XDK also provides templates for creating new applications and offers the...

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Securely accessing your Internet of Things (IoT) device в Intel® XDK Documentation

You can create a secure connection from your Internet of Things (IoT) board to the Intel® XDK using ssh. This secure connection encrypts the communication between your development system and the IoT board. Furthermore, you can prevent anyone who does not have ssh access to your IoT board from gaining access to the app daemon. For steps to update your app daemon software...

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