Creating a VT100 terminal in JavaScript*

I have been building a web site for remotely monitoring and managing computers from a single web site.

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Recently held JS Gaming Framework Webinar

Recently, Intel held a "JavaScript Gaming Framework Webinar" (see here: http://appdeveloper.intel.com/en-us/bl

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Adding Ultrabook Sensor Control To HTML5 Apps

Ultrabooks running Windows 8 with touch and sensor capabilities are soon to hit the market and for those of you developing HTML5 applications, you will be able to add these features to your applica

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HTML5 to WinRT with Ultrabook Sensor Input

In a previous post I explained how adding sensors to HTML5 app is possible in Desktop mode but not yet supported. You can get it to work with a Google extension.  Read this post.

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HTML5 High Scores Board for WinRT and Desktop Ultrabook™ apps

One neat thing about HTML5 is the ability to store data locally, and a common use for that is creating a high score board for your game.  The following is how I recently deployed this.

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Tim Berners-Lee: Developers Are Doing “Incredible Things”

This week at the World Economic Forum, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, most widely known for his invention of the World Wide Web, gave a

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Intel® HTML5 App Porter Tool (BETA) support

NOTICE: The current BETA program ended on Dec 31st, 2013. The Intel® HTML5 App Porter Tool - BETA is no longer available.

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Windows* 8 Store App - Inclinometer Sample Abstract

Lana N. Lindberg, Software Applications Engineer for the Intel® Atom ™ Processor

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Intro to HTML5

Learn about how building your app with HTML5 can help you develop interactive web pages and apps.

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Application Development Hackletics has Ignited

It is very exciting to be on the verge of helping lead a two week application development. It is something of a perfect storm. We have many Hackletic Poobahs helping.

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