Building Large-Scale Image Feature Extraction with BigDL at

This article shares the experience and lessons learned from Intel and JD teams in building a large-scale image feature extraction framework using deep learning on Apache Spark* and BigDL.
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Analytics Zoo Overview

This video animation provides an overview of the features and benefits of Analytics Zoo – a unified analytics and AI open source software platform designed to simplify and accelerate AI solutions d

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Talroo* Uses Analytics Zoo and AWS* to Leverage Deep Learning for Job Recommendations

This project demonstrates how to leverage the natural language context analysis and recommender models of Analytics Zoo on Amazon Web Services (AWS*)
Автор: Song, Guoqiong (Intel) Последнее обновление: 30.05.2019 - 14:00

Accelerate Innovations of Unified Data Analytics and AI at Scale

Intel has developed new open source software technologies that unify data analytics and AI an integrated workflow: BigDL and Analytics Zoo
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Analytics Zoo | Intel® AI Developer Program

Scale your AI models to big data clusters for distributed training or inference with this unified analytics and AI platform built on top of the open source Apache Spark*, TensorFlow*, Keras, and BigDL platforms.
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