Intel® Math Kernel Library for Deep Learning Networks: Part 1–Overview and Installation

Learn how to install and build the library components of the Intel MKL for Deep Neural Networks.
Автор: Bryan B. (Intel) Последнее обновление: 11.03.2019 - 13:17

Develop Advanced Analytics Solutions with AI at Scale Using Apache Spark* and Analytics Zoo

Analytics Zoo and BigDL on Intel® Xeon® processor-based platforms deliver deep learning Apache Spark* pipelines at scale.
Автор: Ziya M. (Intel) Последнее обновление: 05.08.2019 - 08:47

Intel® CPU Outperforms NVIDIA* GPU on ResNet-50 Deep Learning Inference

Intel Xeon processor outperforms NVidia's best GPUs on ResNet-50.
Автор: Haihao Shen (Intel) Последнее обновление: 20.05.2019 - 15:58

Vector API Developer Program for Java* Software

This article introduces Vector API to Java* developers. It shows how to start using the API in Java programs, and provides examples of vector algorithms. It provides step-by-step details on how to build the Vector API and build Java applications using it. It provides the location for downloadable binaries for Project Panama binaries.
Автор: Neil V. (Intel) Последнее обновление: 15.10.2019 - 15:30

Getting Started with Intel® Optimization for PyTorch* on Second Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors

Accelerate deep learning PyTorch* code on second generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor with Intel® Deep Learning Boost.
Автор: Nathan Greeneltch (Intel) Последнее обновление: 15.10.2019 - 16:50

Introduction to Intel® Deep Learning Boost on Second Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors

Intel DL Boost in 2nd gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors offer INT8 AI inference with new Intel® AVX-512 Vector Neural Network Instructions (VNNI)
Автор: админ Последнее обновление: 16.11.2019 - 20:27

Lower Numerical Precision Deep Learning Inference

Intel DL Boost with Vector Neural Network Instructions (VNNI) accelerates inference applications using one machine instruction per INT8 convolution.
Автор: админ Последнее обновление: 19.11.2019 - 11:07

Intel and Facebook* collaborate to boost PyTorch* CPU performance

Intel's software optimization and 2nd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors with Intel® DL Boost® accelerate PyTorch's CPU performance
Автор: Andres Rodriguez (Intel) Последнее обновление: 25.11.2019 - 14:27