Archived - Moo-O* Uses Intel® RealSense™ to Put Child in Stories for Beginning Readers

Children create stories in which they are the on-screen stars with EyePower's reading software Moo-O. EyePower uses the Intel® RealSense™ SDK's facial anaylsis and gesture control technologies to create a collaborative, personalized learn-to-read experience.
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Max the Bandit

By EyePower Games

Moo-O*'s innovative learn-to-read software uses Intel® RealSense™ to place the child's face in the story.

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Poggy Frog's Contest

By EyePower Games

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英特尔® 实感™ SDK抢先试用 下载赢好礼(第二轮)

近日英特尔发布了实感™ SDK最新版本R5 (v7), 其最新特性介绍请参看博客

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SHEPHERD: Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in

Don't get me wrong, I was a quite willing participant with all of this. 

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