MPI Parallelizes Work among Multiple Processors or Hosts

by John Sharp, Content Master Ltd

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Fast, Lightweight, Scalable MPI Performance Analysis

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Books - Message Passing Interface (MPI)

This article looks at several books that introduce developers to the topics of Message Passing Interface (MPI), parallel programming, and OpenMP*.
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Mastering Performance Challenges With the New MPI-3 Standard

This article demonstrates the performance benefits of the MPI-3 nonblocking collective operations supported by the Intel® MPI Library 5.0 and the Intel® MPI Benchmarks (IMB) 4.0 products. We’ll show how to measure the overlap of communication and computation, and demonstrate how an MPI application can benefit from the nonblocking collective communication.
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Semana sobre Programação Massivamente Paralela

O objetivo principal desta palestra é introduzir o conceito de “modernização de código” aos pesquisadores e desenvolvedores de software que não tem como foco principal a otimização e paralelização de
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Optimization of Classical Molecular Dynamics

CoMD is an open-source classical molecular dynamics code. One of its prime application areas is materials modeling.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Intel® MPI Library

A diversity of platforms makes it impossible for message passing interface (MPI) libraries to automatically provide the best performance for all existing applications.

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Best Known Methods: Firewall Blocks MPI Communication among Nodes

This article shares three methods you can use when dealing with the firewall blocking the Message Passing Interface (MPI) communication among many machines.

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Parallel Universe Magazine - Issue 18, June 2014

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Parallel Universe Magazine - Issue 9, February 2012

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