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Hadoop 0.22.0 及其 RAID 部署

        使用0.20.X系列版本的Hadoop快有一年时间了,主要集中在HDFS上。期间自己参与了部署Hadoop集群(1 Server + 20 PC),也参与了分析HDFS的源码。

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大数据: 请认真对待


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Intel Keynote and Intel technical presentations at Spark Summit West 2015

To find new trends and strong patterns from large complex data sets, a strong analytics foundation is needed. Intel is working closely with Databricks, AMPLab, Spark community and its ecosystem to advance these analytics capabilities…
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Intel® Parallel Computing Center at Georgia Institute of Technology

The Intel® Parallel Computing Center (Intel® PCC) on Big Data in Biosciences and Public Health is focused on developing and optimizing parallel algorithms and software on Intel® Xeon® Processor and Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor systems for handling high-throughput DNA sequencing data and gene expression data.
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Installing Apache Zeppelin* on Cloudera Distribution of Hadoop*

Apache Zeppelin* is a new web-based notebook that enables data-driven, interactive data analytics, and visualization with the added bonus of supporting multiple languages, including Python*, Scala*, Spark SQL, Hive*, Shell, and Markdown. Zeppelin also provides Apache Spark* integration by default, making use of Spark’s fast in-memory, distributed, data processing engine to accomplish data science...
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Tuning Java* Garbage Collection for Spark* Applications

Spark is gaining wide industry adoption due to its superior performance, simple interfaces, and a rich library for analysis and calculation.

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Indexing DICOM* Images on Cloudera Hadoop* Distribution

This paper show how to replicate the proof point, to index DICOM images for storage, management, and retrieval on a Cloudera Hadoop* cluster, using open source software components.
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Intel and Cloudera Help Design a Content Recommendation Engine for Chinese Content

Using Intel algorithms customized for the written Chinese language, a regional media publisher increases readership and advertisement revenues.
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Major UK retailer gets customer visibility to enable growth

Marks & Spencer Develops Next Generation Analytics Capabilities with Cloudera Leading UK Retailer Builds 360-Degree Customer View, Improves Attribution Modeling, and Brings Analytics Capability

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