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The Intel® Software channel is aimed at helping developers by providing them with examples, tutorials, tips, tricks, and how-tos as well as connecting developers to in

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Advanced Video Processing Using Intel® Media SDK

In this webinar, Intel® Evangelist Raghavendra Ural will present code walkthroughs to demonstrate the step by step process to develop a professional application using this standard API.

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Get Started with Intel® System Studio Samples

This video describes how to launch the Eclipse*-based IDE on the various supported operating systems and how to create a new project using a Docker* container.

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查看英特尔® System Studio 示例

本视频描述了如何在各种支持的操作系统上启动基于 Eclipse* 的 IDE,以及如何使用 Docker* 容器创建新项目。它还介绍了创建与目标设备的新连接和使用该连接远程运行该应用的步骤。

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Accelerate Machine Learning with Intel® Software Development Tools

Speed up your machine learning application code and turn data into insight and actionable results.

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OpenVINO™ Toolkit Reference Implementations

This episode of the IoT Developer Show takes a look at reference implementations and code samples for the OpenVINO™ toolkit.

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Philips Performs Fast AI-Driven Medical Imaging on Intel CPUs

Intel teamed up with Philips to deliver high performance, efficient deep learning inference on patients’ X-rays and computed tomography (CT) scans without the need for accelerators.

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Intel® System Studio: Simplify System & IoT App Development

In this short video, see how to accelerate development of smart, connected devices, boost system bring-up and power efficiency, and strengthen system reliability with

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