Monnit Delivers IoT Intelligence via ALTA* Wireless Sensing Platform with Intel

Monnit’s low-power, wireless sensors and Intel® architecture based IoT gateways are used by a broad spectrum of industries for smart monitoring of anything.
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Datumize and Intel Transform Dark Data into Operational Insight for Manufacturing and Logistics

Delivering Value from Dark Data with Smart Middleware and an Intel® Architecture-Based IoT Gateway
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Achieving the Power of Industry 4.0 with Plug and Play Simplicity

Intel is helping power game-changing advancements in IoT to offer industrial companies powerful data analytics and automated controls with limited changes to infrastructure and production systems.
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Accelerating Digital Transformations

relayr enables businesses and organizations to rapidly develop and deploy innovative solutions, equipment, and services for the Industrial Internet of Things (Iot).
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Increasing Efficiency and Uptime with Predictive Maintenance

In many manufacturing plants today, monitoring is a highly manual process. FOURDOTONE Teknoloji analyzes data from sensors to enable manufacturers to respond immediately to problems, and predict using machine learning when machines are likely to fail.
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Flexible New IoT Platform Empowers Enterprise Applications

It’s no secret that the Internet of Things (IoT) is creating a seismic shift in how businesses think, act, and approach the future. Yet despite the promise of game-changing technology in practically every industry—and the real evidence of measurable gains—IoT developers continue to battle inherent challenges such as intermittent connectivity, low power availability, and the struggle to...
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Manufacturer Increases Uptime Using IoT Solutions to Improve Machine Visibility

relayr’s data visualization tools helped a machinery manufacturer achieve an overall 11 percent performance improvement
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Entrib* and Intel Bring Manufacturers the Industrial Internet of Things Advantage

Obtain holistic data analysis, shop floor monitoring, and real-time reporting on manufacturing equipment.
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Real-Time Systems and Intel Take Industrial Embedded Systems to the Next Level

Create intelligent embedded applications for IIoT by enabling the benefits of holistic visibility into the operations of centralized equipment management and maintenance.
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Industrial Applications for Computer Vision

Intel has released a series of reference implementations that show how industrial use cases benefits production.
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