物联网网关协议比较:MQTT 和 Modbus

物联网 (IoT) 不只是新技术, 还是与旧技术的集成,其关键在于通信。 可用的通信方法各不相同,但是,各种不同的协议在将海量“事物”连接到互联网时发挥着重要的作用。 本文介绍了两种物联网补充协议: 用于短距离设备连接的本地协议 Modbus 以及支持物联网进行全局通信的可扩展互联网协议“消息队列遥测传输 (MQTT)”。

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Optimizing Traffic for Emergency Vehicles using IOT and Mobile Edge Computing

The ‘Internet of Things’ as a technology has opened up automation opportunities in almost every aspect of our daily lives, be it at home, in healthcare, in industry, with transport, wearable tech, and more. These opportunities have not only helped ease our day to day life, but also generated additional revenue models for businesses.
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Adopting Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) for Automation Systems

Create Scalable Solutions to Improve Deterministic Behavior of Industrial Systems with TSN Offerings from Intel
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Tutorial for Intel® DAAL: Using Simple C++ Examples

System Environment

Intel® DAAL version : 2016 Gold Initial Release (w_daal_2016.0.110.exe)

OS : Windows* 8.1

IDE : Visual Studio 2013


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