Case Study: Althea Takes on Ultimate Coder Challenge and Optimizes Shufflr* for the Ultrabook™

By Karen Marcus

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Optimizing Puzzle Touch (Casual Game)

by Erica J Mceachern and Manuj R Sabharwal

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Cars, Boats and Planes: Optimizing Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for Ultrabook™ PCs with Touch and Sensors

by Brad Hill and Leigh Davies.

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iRacing Optimized for Ultrabooks™ - Tilt Controls

iRacing software developer David Tucker talks his experience of adding tilt functionality to iRacing with Windows* 8 Desktop on an Ultrabook.

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How Scribblify Delivers a Cross-Platform GUI with Node.js* and the Chromium* Embedded Framework

By Edward J. Correia

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Session Videos from the Bay Area Android Fest

On April 12, 2014, Intel was proud to host 300+ of our closes developer friends from the Bay Area at our Santa Clara, California headquarters for the

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No-Compromise Gaming on the Go

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Starting from Scratch: How VirtualDJ* 8 mixes Music and Technology


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