Touch for Windows* Desktop

This sample demonstrates how to integrate touch into an application designed for a typical keyboard/mouse paradigm.
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Ultrabook Apps - Chamada de Aplicativos

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Keyboard and Touch: Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

As touch design becomes more prevalent in the computing world, especially with the next Windows touch-enabled release and touch-enabled Ultrabooks™ this fall, we’re starting to hear more discussion

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In The Wild: What Using Touch-Enabled Ultrabooks™ Actually Looks Like

One of the best places online to stay on top of the all the new Ultrabook™ news coming out (other than our very own

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Adding Touch Support to Desktop Applications for Ultrabook™ Running on Windows* 8

Touch has become the most important input type for handheld devices. It has many useful use cases in real life.

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Ultrabook™ Desktop Applications Development on Windows* 8: Photo Application with Touch and Sensors

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Ultrabook App Lab

Ultrabook™ is a growing platform in the industry. As consumer demand fast and lightweight PC, Intel will be pushing brand new devices.

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Adding Ultrabook Sensor Control To HTML5 Apps

Ultrabooks running Windows 8 with touch and sensor capabilities are soon to hit the market and for those of you developing HTML5 applications, you will be able to add these features to your applica

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Touch reactive sample - Bubbles

As we ramp up Ultrabook™ devices worldwide and prepare for the launch of Windows* 8, I set about learning what the best resources are for creating compelling applications for these lat

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Porting Android* Touch to Windows* 8 UI (C#)

By David Medawar

Porting Android* Touch to Windows* 8 UI (C#)

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