Using Hardware Features in Intel® Architecture to Achieve High Performance in NFV

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Fast Computation of Fletcher Checksums

Check the integrity of data in your applications using these fast methods of computing checksums on Intel processors.
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Fletcher 校验和的快速计算能力

Checksums are widely used for checking the integrity of data in applications such as storage and networking. We present fast methods of computing checksums on Intel® processors. Instead of computing the checksum of the input with a traditional linear method, we describe a faster method to split the data into a number of interleaved parallel streams, compute the checksum on these segments in...
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Intel Solutions and Technologies for the Evolving Data Center

  One Stop for Optimizing Your Data Center From AI to Big Data to HPC: End-to-end Solutions
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The immintrin debug Library – Simplified Debugging of Complex X86 Vector Compiler Intrinsic-Heavy Code

Immintrin debug implements the majority of modern x86 vector compiler intrinsics in C to make debugging of heavy code easier for the developer.
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Optimizing Storage Solutions Using the Intel® Intelligent Storage Acceleration Library

Intel® ISA-L provides the tools to help accelerate and optimize storage on Intel® architecture (IA) for everything from small office NAS appliances up to enterprise storage systems. The functions provided in this library help with storage recoverability, data integrity, data security, and faster data compression mechanisms. This article provides a high level functional overview of Intel ISA-L.
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