CLRS III: Extension of the Threads

I've got a great wife. For my birthday she got me a copy of the newly updated Introduction to Algorithms, 3rd ed. by Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, and Stein.

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Doctor Fortran in "Think, Thank, Thunk"

One of the various responsibilities I have is for the compiler samples (both Fortran and C++).  For Intel Visual Fortran, we have a lot of samples - for the other compilers, fewer.  The Windows Fortra
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Parallelization And Optimization of The Line Segment Intersection Problem

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"Hello Lambdas" C++ 0x, a quick guide to Lambdas in C++

The current draft of the new C++ 0x standard includes lambda functions. I think we can expect this to be very popular.

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Doctor Fortran in "I've Come Here For An Argument, Side 2"

My earlier post, "I've Come Here For An Argument", was very popular with my fellow support enginee
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Doctor Fortran in "Revert! Revert! The End (of the format) is Nigh!"

Recently, a customer wrote in our User Forums that he wanted to write out the values of an array, all in one line, where the number of elements was not known at compile

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Delusion of tbb::concurrent_vector’s size or 3 ways to traverse in parallel correctly

Like in the previous post about concurrent_vector, I’d like to start

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Running your code in parallel with tbb::parallel_invoke

Greetings everyone! I would like to introduce you to a new template function recently added to TBB – tbb::parallel_invoke.

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Doctor Fortran in "I've Come Here For An Argument"

One of the most fundamental aspects of Fortran programming is passing arguments to procedures.  It is also one of the most misunderstood aspects.  In this space today I'll try to make things cleare

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Learning Experience of NUMA and Intel's Next Generation Xeon Processor I

As a technical engineer, I took NUMA as a recent focus, and studied relevant public materials and Intel's next generation Xeon processor in my spare time.

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