Процессор Intel® Core™ M

Authored by Daria Potanina (Intel)
This article, aimed at developers, will provide a glimpse into this 64-bit, multi-core SOC processor, with an overview of the available Intel technologies, including Intel® HD Graphics 5300. Last updated on 09.04.2015 - 09:56

Оптимизация игр для Ultrabook™

Authored by Alexey Kostadinov (Intel)

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Real-time End-to-End H.265/HEVC Solution for Intel® Architecture-based Platforms

Authored by Alexey Kostadinov (Intel)

1. Abstract2. Introduction

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Измерение реакции на сенсорный ввод, анализ и оптимизация для приложений Windows

Authored by Daria Potanina (Intel)

Том Пантелс, Шень Гуо, Радж Шри Чабуксвар

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