Приводим данные и код в порядок: оптимизация и память, часть 1

This series of two articles discusses how data and memory layout affect performance and suggests specific steps to improve software performance. The basic steps shown in these two articles can yield significant performance gains. These two articles are designed at an intermediate level. It is assumed the reader desires to optimize software performance using common C, C++ and Fortran* programming...
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Знакомьтесь: Jack и Jill на платформе x86

Jack (Java* Android* Compiler Kit) is a new Google* tool that includes a compiler from Java source code to the Android dex file format. Jack has its own .jack library and provides most toolchain features as part of a single tool: repackaging, shrinking, obfuscation and multidex. There is also a tool that translates existing .jar files to the .jack library format.
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Конвейерные разнородные вычисления


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Создание нативных Android-приложений с использованием компилятора Intel C++ Compiler в Android Studio 1.0.1

На момент написания этого текста текущей версией Android Studio была версия 1.0.1.

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