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gdb-ia fails on halcreek/ubuntu

When I tried to use gdb-ia to do remote debug on target system HaloCreek (Xeon based). I got following errors

:  unknown register ymm0h requested from Target machine

Here is the step I did

When I set GDB Target machine (Of course, I copy the GDBserver binary from the 2018 debugger package to target machine, because there is no Ubuntu choice there, I used gdbserver from linux directory).

I used following command:

gdbserver yige0617@VINO:2000 ./


gdb-ia fails with SIG113 on mac os x


When I try to use gdb-ia on a fortran program compiled with ifort -g on mac os x, it fails with the following message:

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(gdb) r

Starting program: /Users/erez/Documents/gfortran/test/test/a.out

During startup program terminated with signal SIG113, Real-time event 113.



Looking up this error online, I tried to run 


OpenOCD support in Intel System Debugger 2018

I am trying to debug a Quark X1000 chip using System Debugger 2018 and the recommended Olimex ARM-USB-OCD-H JTAG debugger. I can successfully attach to the device using OpenOCD but can't connect to the OpenOCD session from System Debugger 2018. I have seen the couple of published documents but can't get the documented process to work.

How can I use numpy and matplotlib inside gdb-ia?

In gdb, we can launch into a python subshell by the command pi.  However vanilla gdb lacks complete support for fortran so I compiled the Archer branch of gdb. Inside that installation, I was able to use numpy and matplotlib for data analysis and plotting of variables inside gdb.

However in gdb-ia I am seeing only a minimal set of modules like sys, os etc.. would be great to be able to use numpy and matplotlib for data analysis inside there. Is there a way I can access numpy and matplotlib that might be compiled in a different folder?


can't Step Over (F7 or F12)

I have Intel System Debugger version 18.2018.342 installed.  I'm debugging BIOS code and can't Step Over with F7 or F12.  I also can't set breakpoints, Run To Line, etc.  This is making debugging impossible.

I connect to Intel DAL thru the Connect dialog.

When I Step Over, I get this error message in console:

Type: Intel.DAL.Builders.UnsupportedAddressTranslationException Message: Invalid address for current processor mode. 


When I set Breakpoint, I get this error message in console:

In-house Operating System debugging with System Debugging Tool

We want to debug kernel of our in-house developed Operating Sytem with Intel System Debugging Tool. We are using Intel System Studio 2017 with Intel ITP-XDP prob. 

  • Is there any method to do this?
  • What is the method for debugging bare-metal applications? 
  • Is there any way to make Intel System Studio/System Debugging tools aware of different OSes other than Linux, vx-Works etc.?

Thanks, Ugur.

Does CCA support Skylake H0/U0 (CPUID:50654) stepping CPU?


Running CScript (Purley_Cscripts_1.28_Rev.656614) with DCI CCA on HPE 2S server found some questions.
We cannot halt system with Skylake H0/U0 (CPUID:50654) stepping CPU (have tried U0 x 2 types, H0 x1 type)
Change to Skylake L0 CPU (CPUID:50652) with same unit and same setting, it works very well.
Does CCA support Skylake H0/U0 (CPUID:50654) stepping CPU?

Note. We have tried both Cscript v1.26 & v1.28

Refer to the message:

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